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+ MIDI editor: fixed unpredictable behavior when editing left edge of looped MIDI item in MIDI editor [t=117622]

It works more predictable now and the issue in the screencap (post#3 of the issue thread) seems to be fixed. But I'm not sure it's all good now.
When the item starts with a partial loop (item edge is not at the same spot as a loop bar) things are still unintuitive to me. Say I have a 1 measure looped item which starts "with an upbeat", like this:


I might want to double the loop length (let's say to create a variation for every other measure). Intuition would tell me to grab a loop bar and drag it one measure rightward, to get this:


mind that the first loop boundary is still at measure 2.
From there I might duplicate my events and then create the variation I was after (or whatever else tickles the fancy).

but try as I might, by dragging loop bars the best I can ever get is this:

the loop now starts at measure 3...
To get here I have to either drag the first visible bar by 1 measure, or the second visible bar by two measures, or the third one by three measures and so forth... the loop boundaries pivot at the (invisible) start bar of that partial loop.

(Actually, even if I switch the piano roll timebase to source beats and move the right edge rightward one measure, I get this same result (pic c). I totally would expect to get to pic b) doing that)

Here's a licecap first showing what I think should get me there (but doesn't) and then the workaround that's now possible thanks to the recent change:

It would already feel a lot better if the first visible loop bar (at measure 2) would stay fixed.

But ideally I could grab any of the visible loop bars and have some more reasonable behavior than now. Basically: To lengthen a loop by [n] measures, grab any visible loop bar and drag it by [n] measures. Instead of a multiple of [n], depending on which bar is moved. I do understand the logic, if I put my math hat on, but it just feels wrong.

To achieve that behavior I think Reaper could just keep the next visible bar to the left of the moved one at a fixed position and pivot the whole loop calculation from there.
The exception would be the first visible loop bar if there is a partial loop at the start of the item like in my example (IOW, there's no visible bar to the left of the moved one). In that case, if the bar at measure two is moved, Reaper should probably better keep the next loop bar to the right of it (measure 3) fixed.
Sounds weird - and probably also looks weird at first sight - but I really do think that is what should happen, if I am not missing some ugly consequence of it (which might well be).

On a side note, this is a destructive edit:

can it be (optionally) changed to not trim the item source destructively some fine day, so that the material reappears when I drag the loop back out?
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