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Maybe I don't understand what you're looking for, but from what I understand ReaFIR does exactly what you're asking. I'm not sure why you called it extreme.

1. Select "Subtract" mode in ReaFIR, check the box for "Automatically build noise profile" and play just the sibilant "s" part of your track (I'd create a playback loop region to make sure only the relevant sound gets captured).

2. (only really necessary if you're doing this for several noise profiles)Draw lines to narrow down the noise profile to the most relevant parts.

3. Change the mode to compressor and set the ratio to something less than 1, .67 works for me. This turns it into an upward expander, so you'll need to reduce the gain, about -20 in my case.

4. Create new instances of ReaFIR and repeat as necessary for different noise profiles.

What this does is increases the volume of the frequencies outside of your noise profile, and it's pretty low on CPU usage (runs about 4% on laptop Celeron processor).
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