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Default ReaSamplOmatic - Save and Copy samples bug (FIXED)

There is for long long time a serious bug in Reaper/Reasamplomatic, which keeps Project Save function "Copy all media into project directory..." useless :-(

Drum-track playing a rhythm with 1 kick and 2 different snares.
So, 3 instances of RSM, each one loaded with following samples (incl. path):
(RSM 1): c:\samples\drummachines\Yamaha\Kick.wav
(RSM 2): c:\samples\drummachines\Roland\Snare.wav
(RSM 3): c:\samples\drummachines\Oberheim\Snare.wav

wow, you see it already? two snares (both with the same filename, but in different locations (paths). And here comes the problem :-(

When you save project and check "Copy all media ..." only the first Snare.wav gets copied to project folder, so then you have pretty messy "rhythm" when there is playing Heavy-n-Deep-Long snare on part that should have played tiny-picolo-light snare. Absolute mess.

This bug is in Reaper/RSM for many years (= all the time) and still not fixed
Please, include fixing this bug in actual RSM-love cycle, pretty please.


P.S.: I included this info also in new "ReaSamplOmatic Test center" thread here
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