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Originally Posted by N2NPro View Post
I'm starting to think some of this erratic behavior might be related to Reaper OSC bugs. [...]
Indeed, it seems we found another one. With this setting in the .ReaperOSC config file:
... and using this 'OSC action description' (as we do, and which is also part of the default configuration):
MASTER_VOLUME n/master/volume
... REAPER stops sending out OSC messages for the master track volume after selecting another track (which includes touching any control *except* for the volume faders on another track) - until the master track is selected again (which includes touching any parameter *except* for the volume fader on the master track, such as pan, mute, or solo). This seems to be a bug / unexpected behavior, because touching a volume fader *should* count as 'last touched'.
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