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still having same problems to reset cycle actions from other cycle actions in the last 3 or 4 betas (slightly different problem each version).

changing the toggle state via CA for other CA's containing more than one step is not possible via exclusive actions or conditional statements. if there is more than one step, a CA does not change the state of another CA; only if it's got one step and a solid-dot true toggle.

In this toolbar below i have a button that used to reset the states of all the save and load buttons. now it only works for the load buttons (one step) but not for the save buttons (2 step; no-op second step is to keep them on despite being excl toggles).

it used to work in betas before the new excl toggles. the save buttons should stay lit until turned off or reset. load buttons are exclusive but should turn on when respective save state is used (hence both having the excl toggle action).

as you can see in the reset CA, i've tried resetting the states via excl toggle states and directly triggering the cycle action. neither has any effect.

these require exclusive toggles B01-B05 enabled in s&m.ini:

p.s. would make sense to add an option to suppress "sharing" warnings now that CA's can check other CA states, as i get the error dialog every single time i change anything now.

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