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Default RS5K & Para Modulation...Not Good! (FIXED)

I've been trying to program a new drum library into RS5K and I'm running into lots of problems when I want to link Parameter Modulation. Once I link a Parameter Modulation I can no longer type into any of the boxes and it becomes hard to set some of the controls.

Also with a linked Parameter Modulation I can't select any of the samples in the List and the list gets jumpy and eratic.

This is how the boxes react for typing in.

In the LICEcap below, See how the list bounces around and I can't select anything. As far as I know at this point, it only happens if I have a linked parameter modulation.

How to reproduce this:

1. Add a track in Reaper and add 2 or 3 instances of RS5K to the FX.

2. Add a few samples to both instances, they can probably be the same samples.

3. Check out the boxes next to the controls and see if you can type numbers into them. You should have no problem,

4. Now link a parameter modulation on the 2nd instance of RS5K to the first instance, try linking the Vol min (which is actually the minimum velocity) from RS5K2 to RS5K1.

5. Now try typing in the boxes and then open the list to see if you can select and delete any of the samples.

I know checking this out is a pain in the butt but I'd much appreciate it, I can't believe it's just my computer.
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