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Default [4.62] Reaper hangs when loading a project with a huge number of tracks (FIXED)

Regarding my earlier experiences with huge orchestral templates in Reaper:, I was able to reproduce the last issue I mentioned on a separate system (Windows 8.1) with a pristine clean portable installation of Reaper 4.62 64-bit (default settings).

It seems that saving a project with a huge number of (empty) tracks makes it impossible to load it again (1000 works just fine, a test with 1250 fails).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new empty project
2. Insert > Multiple tracks... > 1500 tracks
3. Save the project
4. Close the project
5. Try reopening the saved file - Reaper will become unresponsive when loading the project (massive to moderate CPU usage in the Task Manager).

Could anyone confirm this behaviour? Any way to debug it more thoroughly? It's not a crash, so I can't really find anything relevant here.
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