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Originally Posted by Shootkin View Post
Thank you very much, but why the behaviour is reversed again??? "Drag-up" must be "Zoom-out", NOT "Zoom-in"! And Devs, please, unleash the name of custom cursor to change the default vertical arrows.
This is a good point. Down is IN, Up is OUT is the standard.

There could probably be one global option for drag-zooming direction since it's highly unlikely people will have it be one way in the arrange and opposite in the media explorer (how it currently is for me since I changed arrange zooming to match what I'm used to).

Originally Posted by daffy View Post
I also have a 2i4 for mobile work and have been involved in their driver beta program. They have made MASSIVE improvements in the latest betas. Seems as though they have subcontracted the TC Electronics team to do their drivers this time around and it has made a huge difference.
Glad to hear. The hardware is great, but the drivers have been causing more than their share of issues it seems. Thank god for WASAPI and ASIO4ALL.
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