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Default FX parameter control via OSC


This is a continuation of a thread started in another topic:

What I want to do is use a BCR2000 to control the parameters of multiple FX for the currently selected track in Reaper.
The idea is to use an oscii-bot script to map statically assigned Midi CC's on the BCR to OSC strings in a tailored .ReaperOSC file. In this way the encoders/buttons on the BCR will always have the same function for every track, allowing for static labels on the BCR (e.g. top row is always EQ).

What I want to achieve is that when I select a different track in Reaper, all parameters of all the FX on the track are sent via OSC to oscii-bot. The oscii-bot script will then take care of a FX name/parameter to Midi CC mapping. So it does not matter in which FX slot a VST sits, e.g. ReaComp will always map to the same encoders on the BCR, whether it sits in slot 1 on track 5 or slot 6 on track 1.

I have been experimenting a lot with various .ReaperOSC files, but keep running into stuff that does not work.

The greatest challenge seems to be to get Reaper to send all parameters for all FX when a different track is selected.

I think it has to do with my limited understanding of how Reaper handles track and FX banks.

My thinking was:

I only need to work on the current track, so my track bank size is 1.
I want to handle all FX and FX parameters, so these banks are infinite. For practical reasons, 16 FX and 32 parameters would be big enough for the time being.

So, I defined:



TRACK_NAME s/track/@/name
TRACK_NUMBER s/track/@/number/str

FX_NAME s/fx/@/name

FX_PARAM_NAME  s/fx/@/fxparam/@/name
FX_PARAM_VALUE s/fx/@/fxparam/@/value/str
FX_PARAM_VALUE n/fx/@/fxparam/@/value
I expected Reaper to send the names and values of all the FX and FX parameters upon track change: the new track is always outside the current bank of the device (track bank size is 1) and the FX bank has space for data from multiple FX and FX parameters.
But it doesn't work, Reaper does not send any FX parameters at all.

User Banned answered the following in the other topic before I split it off:
Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Haven't replicated your setup (not in studio atm), but it seems that you have to include the track number in your message patterns - even though you only use a single track per bank - if you want the current effect selection to update when switching *tracks* (as opposed to switching *effects*).
Any thoughts on how to get this working are most welcome!

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