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Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post
There is just heda and me on github, as far as I know, matthewjumpoffthebuildings is on bitbuckets... And that's all.
GitHub is quite known amongst developers so I don't think you should worry about this...once there's a global repo for all the scripts, people will start to contribute (you could explain on your web site how to contribute...seriously, this should be the least of your could always accept things by mail and put them in git repo by yourself in case contributor has problems with GitHub or git in general)

Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post
Secondly, because I think that letting people choose the coding platforms they want is nice thing. And letting people choose if they want a code platform or note is a nice thing too. It allow people to keep their independance, and that may be a key feature in scripting, because a lot of script are meant to be modify by the user.
Define some coding standards is also an hard thing to do because we all came from other language.
Every developer who wants to be taken seriously should know and understand git already (and if not, he/she should be willing to learn it since it's awesome and de facto standard for managing code)'s already so prevalent. GitHub is not a platform per se, it's just a service that lets you put git repositories online and make sharing and contributing to them easier. You could use any other git service or even host your own, it's just that GitHub is free, good, has API to pull stuff from it and quite prevalent so no need to reinvent the wheel here

Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post
And most of all, GitHub is not that user firendly for non developpers (just the fact that tere is no clear download button for individuals file seems to confuse any stranger).
But the end-users don't even have to see GitHub Take Package Control for Sublime Text for example...developers contribute to it's GitHub repo but end-users get updated packages directly from Sublime Text (which simply downloads them from GitHub). Package control even has it's own website that simply pulls information on contributed packages from GitHub, see

Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post
I thought about a dedicated website
You can still make dedicated website which will pull information from GitHub. So you wouldn't have to manually reupdate things every time somebody sends you a new script. You would also escape asking developers to write that header of yours since writing it for each script can be error prone etc...Instead, you simply decide on folder hierarchy, naming conventions and a way to let developers enter all the needed details themselves when doing pull requests...

Not to mention that updating scripts will be much easier since nobody will have to contact you directly, they would simply do a pull request on GitHub and once merged the updates would be automatically available from the web site (since it simply pulls information from the GitHub via it's API) or auto updater script/extension in REAPER

Doing this like that will save you countless hours in the future and in the end will make everything much less dependable on one person. Are you really that sure you will be here 5 years from now having bunch of free time to accept daily mails with new scripts and their updates and then re-updating the website all the time? Or you (or any other contributors that join you) could just merge pull request on GitHub and let your website re-update itself automatically via GitHub API?

But to make process as automatable as possible you need to think about a lot of details (that's why I mentioned folder hierarchy ...there are other worries like tags, version compatibility etc...) so you don't get bitten in the ass in the future. Again, I whole heartily recommend you check how Package Control for Sublime Text works, it's a great example on how to have hundreds of addons automatically updatable and browsable in an easy manner using GitHub at it's heart:

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