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hi Mr Pipe,

sounds right up s&m live config's alley - if only we knew how to use it's awesomeness..

5 or more minutes and i remembered what to do for 'non vsti' use -

load the attached (no media) proj -

i assume a v5 pre and recent sws build installed.


bind midi input to actions: sws s&m live config 1: apply next config
and sws S&m live config 2: apply next config

learn those and - IN1 will swap from guit1-cln to guit1-dist
and IN2 will swap from guit2-cln to guit2-dist

seamlessly muting/unmuting as it goes.

the 'input track(s)' set up (routing wise) automagically when you select it in the live configs window - but in my v5 it didnt disable master parent send, which i did manually.

options in live config window are set to 'ignore empty configs' and mute all but active.

observe the 2 configs and note 'options' apply to each config so are not global.
the rest you will figure out sharpish i wager.

works a treat here
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