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Default OS X: new installation disk image

v2.7.1 is out!

Feedback and tests are welcome, as usual

Important note for OS X users!

In v2.7.1+, we have introduced a new installation disk image (.dmg) which will propose to install the SWS Extension in a different directory.

If you are installing the extension for the very first time, you'll just have to make sure this directory exists.
If you are upgrading to v2.7.1+, it also means the new SWS version will probably conflict with the previous installed version.
We are sorry for the inconvenience (actually, thank you Apple!). However, it should be quite easy to deal with it: some messages will guide you but, for reference, here's what you need to do when installing/upgrading to v2.7.1+ for the very first time (to do only one time!):
  • Quit REAPER
  • If it doesn't exist yet, create an empty directory: /Library/Application Support/REAPER/UserPlugins (*)
    This is the new installation directory, shared by all users of the Mac
  • If you are upgrading to v2.7.1+, remove the file: ~/Library/Application Support/REAPER/UserPlugins/reaper_sws.dylib (*)
    This is the old extension, in your home directory
  • Install the SWS Extension
(*) If you can't see /Library or ~/Library/ in the finder:
Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Annoying note! OSX Lion makes it much harder to access <username>/Library. By default, that folder will not appear in the Finder. The "official" way is to open the Finder, open the Go menu, then hold down the Option key. Alternatively, open Applications/Utilities/Terminal and type "chflags nohidden ~/Library".
EDIT -- SPECIAL INSTALLS: if you have a portable REAPER install, or if you need different SWS versions for some users of the Mac for some reasons, you can still install the extension anywhere you want, of course. In this case, obviously, just don't drag the dmg's dylib into the dmg's "UserPlugins" linked folder but open a Finder instead, and drag the dmg's dylib anywhere you want in there (e.g. <my_portable_REAPER_path>/UserPlugins, or ~/Library/Application Support/REAPER/UserPlugins, etc).


We are changing things for various reasons: to ease the installation, to avoid security issues on some OS X versions, get rid of the clunky install script (which had to be launched from the .dmg), prevent further potential issues on Yosemite, etc

OTOH, it also means we are introducing a "normal" drag-drop style disk image:

Please, let us know if you face any issue!


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