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GFX feature requests:
1. gfx.init() with x, y parameters to show in specified area of screen when running. Get screen resolution for make this relative would be good also.
2. Get scaling (REAPER and OS). Sometimes gfx fonts is scaled from OS (or Reaper) on OSX, while Windpws instances is ok.
3. Frameless mode.

1. Get.char, mouse.cap, mouse xy - solves some requests in context mouse modifiers and continious shortcuts (of course it should somehow overwrite shortcuts and modifiers optionally).
2. It would be useful if we have action like "render with preset N" or direct API for this like:

Pack_Track_ToRender(pack id, Media_Track)
Pack_Item_ToRender(pack id, MediaItem)
Release_RenderPackToQueue(pack id, name string, boolean UseLastSettings, optional define other_settings)
Also check this.
3. TrackFX_Insert(MediaTrack track, string fxname, integer index)
and [B]TrackFX_Remove(MediaTrack track, integer index)

upd: 12.06.2019 mostly implemented
4. TriggerOSCMessage(address, float or string) (as I know, there is a development in this direction with using OSCII-bot).
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