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Yes of course Gofer.

So only for interest how the peaksedges & tinttcp variables work
and if themers want use these statements within their rtconfig;
These are all actual/current "Bitswitches" to enable/disable visual options.

(You can of course also grab involved values vom reaper.ini,
but it is always good to know how things work)


peaksedges use at the moment only the A M W and P switch

False = ON
A= Antialized peak and waveform drawing

True = On
P=Draw edges on peaks
W=Draw edges on waveforms
M=Draw edges on Midi events

per reaper.ini

per rtconfig

= both the same result

True = ON
A= tracklabel tinting
B= trackpanel tinting

False = ON
C= tint waveform peaks to track color
D= tint waveform peaks to item
E= tint waveform peaks to Take

True = On
F= tint background to track color
G= tint background to item
H= tint background to take

X = free/not used dez. 64 or for Software Failure Guru Meditation #64 ^^
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