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Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Thanks, good work - that's it working for the most part now. Audio seems fine but MIDI skips the first note on first play if it's too close to the start of the first beat of the recording. Totally jammable though, cheers!

One other thing I've noticed is that if Record-if-slot-empty mode is on and we press the MIDI key assigned to play a slot, it starts recording. This is great. The only problem is that we can't press this to stop recording, although we can subsequently press it to trigger the clip. We need to press our Record selected slot learned control just now to stop recording, which doesn't seem right.

I also wonder whether untriggering should be tied to Exclusive mode. I'd like to be in EM and be able to untrigger clips with the learned key.

Anyway, great work as always and I look forward to the next update!

edit: I have discovered that the above issue only applies when the Trigger key for the slot is learned via the Playtime GUI. If it is learned via the Reaper learn system it works as expected.
Concerning the lines you crossed out: You probably have "Exclusive mode" switched on so only one clip in the column can be playing at a time. In that case, pressing the MIDI key of the playing slot again will retrigger it, not stop it. By intention. Rationale: Making the clip stop would be a waste of buttons because we can achieve exactly the same by stopping the group. Instead we give the button a new function, the retriggering.

I think the only situation in which this leaves something to be desired is if "record-if-slot-empty mode" is on and your MIDI controller doesn't have a button for stopping a group ... such as the Launchpad. With a Launchpad, you usually stop a group by pressing an empty pad in that group. But if "record-if-slot-empty mode" is on, that will record instead, so this possibility is gone. Now I could program a special treatment for that but that would make things pretty confusing I guess. My suggested solution: Just use Playtime to MIDI-learn one of the Launchpad rows for untriggering groups.

Concerning your last edit: Nice catch. Actually, that behavior is somewhat inconsistent. I think I should fix that. I would like the REAPER-learned triggers work exactly like the Playtime-learned triggers.

Originally Posted by PitchSlap View Post
...and while I'm brainstorming, being able to map a few parameters that can trigger native actions in Reaper to affect the item in the selected slot could be amazing. It would open up a tonne of possibilities within PlayTime, and by utilizing Reaper's native scripting users won't need to bug you to implement these things in PlayTime.

For example, I could have a footswitch that triggers Reaper's reverse item action, make custom actions to half or double an items playrate, or emulate any other features of Mobius....
I like this approach. Seems very generic. I could integrate that possibility in the controller configuration files. It would need some manual work to set it up then (editing the JSON file and pasting REAPER actions IDs) but it would open up many possibilities.

Originally Posted by TonE View Post
Thanks for stepwise description, however you made a small mistake in my proposal, you forgot one 'stop play' step, here your wrong quote, then my corrected version:

It should be:

- press key to go into Record mode
- trigger key - record
- trigger key - stop then play
- trigger key - stop <------ you forgot this step
- trigger key - record again
- we are still in Record mode

In this model, rerecording is possible ONLY on stopped slots. If you liked it, why did you stop it then?

Not sure, if this additional forgotten step, will make you prefer this design? Playing slots can never be overwritten accidentally. Stopped slots can.
I can see where both of you (also Lazarus) are getting at. Right now, we have only 2 options in "Record-if-slot-empty mode": On and off. Instead we could have several modes including the ones you suggest.

Originally Posted by MCCY View Post
O.K. had my first livelooping experiments now. Just one button skipping through the first row.
Problems I had:
Reaper project doesn't seem to remember all Playtime settings
Reaper crashes randomly when hitting a button. Every 10 Minutes.
There are annoying clicks, there seems to be no smoothing for the transition of the items.
Reaction time via midi controller seems to be rather slow compared to mobius. I had problems catching the first beat of beatboxing completely.

Livelooping is coming closer, but so far I can't work with that, but now it seems to be worth trying & experimenting.


Thanks. Can you please go more into detail about the following things:

1. Which project settings aren't remembered by Playtime?
2. Can you somehow describe how to reproduce the crash? Did you press one of the resize buttons before it crashed (known issue in 1.8.0)?
3. When exactly do you experience clicks? Clicks might indeed occur whenever the loop ends and starts again. Playtime currently doesn't do any crossfades/smoothing there. Is it that?
4. Reaction time. Do you mean the time until it starts to record? Or stop? Or play? Are you in tempo detection mode? No matter what, if you record audio and the actual audio material starts already a short time before the first beat, Playtime won't fix it. There's a ticket for that.

Originally Posted by EpicSounds View Post
I can make playtime crash REAPER 5 in 16 seconds

There's also a gui glitch

crash report
Thanks for reporting this. I fixed that and will release the fix soon.
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