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Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Yes, this is the issue with Record-if-slot-empty (RISE) mode. Unfortunately I'm not very fashionable when it comes to controllers and my Axiom 49 only has 8 pads (and some buttons, but it's a bit wrong using them to trigger stuff). I wouldn't want to use 50% of them as stop buttons and I think there could be many users with a similarly limited number of spare triggers because the small keyboard + a few pads is quite a common design.
I see. Do you have any suggestion? The thing is, I don't want to confuse users with too many options that influence the way Playtime handles a button press. Have to think about it further.

Oh, maybe it can be done like this: Let's assume record-if-slot-empty mode and exclusive mode are enabled and the user presses a MIDI pad of a playing slot. Now, if the slot's group has a MIDI trigger assigned (for stopping it), Playtime will retrigger the clip - as it does now. But *if not*, it will stop the clip, because it knows the user probably wants to have a way to stop clips. Any thoughts?

Originally Posted by sinkmusic View Post
Thank you for the Playtime updates, it's getting better and better.

Sorry if that has been asked before -or it is already implemented, but if not consider it as a FR :P-, but can Playtime do "Region Sequencing" ?
I mean : instead of triggering audio & Midi clip, it would launch Regions on the fly.
It could be great for projects which are already quite well arranged, but for which you want to change the structure.

EnergyXT2 features this, and it is very enjoyable (I think also that some SWS actions allows for quite similar things, but i never tried it yet).
Region sequencing is not implemented in Playtime. Seems to be quite a different concept. It would essentially mean repositioning the play cursor to the start of the triggered region. Doesn't sound difficult but as I see it now it's not really Playtime's scope. I'd like to keep Playtime focused on being a session view. I suggest you give the SWS extension a try.
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