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Finally I found a solution after several hours reverse engineering:

1. The MyDevice.ReaperOSC must be reloaded after changing it: Open the Preferences > Control Surfaces > OSC: My Device window and close it, or restart Reaper.

2. Reaper does not send FX parameters when the same FX is closed and re-opened. I think because all FX parameters are exactly the same. Reaper sends the following message when opening/closing an FX manually in the MCP/TCP:

Note: Replace the first @ with the track number and second @ with the FX slot number.
The parameters are automatically sent when parameters are changed.

3. No parameters are sent from Reaper when a FX is copied to another track. They have exactly the same settings.

4. An FX slot must be specified first with the command:
/device/fx/select <number>

5. I noticed a major difference between a track select command and device track select command:

No FX parameters are sent when selecting a track in the TCP/MCP or with this OSC command:
/track/@/select <number>

The new selected FX paramters are automatically sent, but does not select a track in Reaper:

I was confused about this (undocumented?) behaviour.

5. Now I can read the FX parameters back with a bank select OSC command:

6. I can also open an FX by sending the OSC command:
/track/@/fx/@/openui 1.0
Or close it:
/track/@/fx/@/openui 0.0

Close all effects:
/action/54518 1 # Close all floating FX windows
/action/54519 1 # Close all FX chain windows
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