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Default Wrong filenames when loop recording


I posted this issue in the issue tracker last year, but since it deprecated, I'm reposting it here, because the problem still occurs in REAPER 5.1:

When I record on a "track", the resulting audio file will be named "track-01.wav".
However, when I'm using the "time selection auto-punch" loop recording mode, only the first take/file will be named "track-01.wav". The other takes are named after a completely different pattern, something like "06-141003_2000-01.wav". (I guess the pattern is "track number-date_time-take").
I haven't found anything in the preferences or user guide on how to change this.

Here is a screencap of the bug:

To the left is the original recording with all the takes on top of each other. To the right I have exploded the takes in order.

I would like the last two takes to be called "folPR-O1-38.wav" and "folPR-O1-39.wav" without having to rename them whenever I record in loop.

Link to deprecated issue tracker:

Link to original discussion thread:
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