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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
TWhen you toggle normal/triplet/dotted/swing grid, it removes the current note value grid button value, which it shouldn't do because these are not mutually exclusive.
Not a bug -- that's not what the actions do. As in the main action section, there are separate actions for "set grid to 1/4", "set grid to 1/4T" (in the MIDI editor it's called "set grid to 1/6" but it does the same thing, todo name those actions consistently), etc. You want the action for "set grid to 1/4" to report "on" when the grid is set to 1/4T, mimicking the behavior of the grid dropdowns in the MIDI editor, but running that action sets the grid to 1/4, not 1/4T, so it's not enabled when the grid is 1/4T.

We could handle this by adding separate actions to set the grid division independent of the grid type, which would exactly mimic the behavior of the grid dropdowns in the MIDI editor.
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