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Default bug? All midi preview methods now produce non sustainable super short notes?


can someone tell me if this is a bug or expected behaviour or if I have a option unticked somewhere that midi preview methods now produce super short notes instead of sustaining correctly

I mean things like clicking and holding the mouse button on any of the notes on the left side keyboard now produces super short notes (probably one tick) instead of the note sustaining as long as the key was pressed down

Same with mouse dragging the play line in midi editor. That use to accurately playback the currently visible midi notes and sustain them as long as the play cursor was over them. Now it just does the same short "blips".

same with clicking and holding on a note. I thought it use to audition the note length and stop when you moved it (to audition a different new pitch etc)

I'm sure they use to work differently and sustain? makes it quite hard to work with synths that have basically a release of a few milliseconds.
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