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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
Note that there are no CC data value ranges specifiable in Reaper.
In case someone stumbles upon this old thread as well and wonders: Specifying the value range is now possible since REAPER 5.11, not via MIDI/OSC learn but via MIDI link.

As far as I know, now there are exactly 2 ways of controlling parameters via MIDI, both having their pros and cons:

1) MIDI/OSC learn

+ Supports CC modes toggle and various relative modes
+ MIDI learn
+ Parameter names can be searched by just typing some letters
- Manual selection of CC not possible (only MIDI learn)
- Can use global MIDI control path only
- Doesn't support value ranges

2) MIDI link (new)

- Has an absolute CC mode only (toggle and relative modes are missing)
- No MIDI learn
- Parameter names can't be searched by typing
+ Manual selection of CC possible
+ Uses track MIDI path instead of global MIDI control path (much more flexible)
+ Supports value ranges

I really would like to see MIDI link to become on a par with MIDI/OSC learn.

Another thing I miss is the ability to assign two different CCs (triggered by buttons or pedals) to one parameter: One button decreases the parameter, the other one increases it. A common use case in my opinion. Right now AFAIK only achievable via MIDI preprocessing (JS FX for example).
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