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As an addicted user of the SWS Auto Color, I have managed to bring it down on it's knees...

Dragging several Auto Color rules takes too much CPU. Possible solution: recalculate track colors and save changes only after mouse button is released.


At around 50 filtering rules and a project with 20 empty Auto-Colored tracks, even scrolling the SWS Auto Color window with a trackpad is veeery sticky. But trying to select and drag ten (new) rules for proper positioning, I first get nothing, then the beachball, then my computer's fans running at full blast, and then the selection is lost and the order of the new (plus a few adjacent and sometimes the few topmost) rows are found in somewhat random order.

(Relaunching Reaper and opening Auto Color window on an empty project fixes the sticky scrolling, but dragging the rows behaves the same.)

As the track colors in the Reaper project seem to be updated on a per row basis when moving a single row, I would guess that moving 10 rules at a time calculates each new rule condition (or saves the changes to the .ini) at each dragged pixel. If this is the case, I would think that calculating the colors at the release of the mouse button (or after one second) would solve the issue without drawbacks.
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