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Default AKAI MIDIMIX control surface released

Here is an OSC control surface (software) for controlling REAPER using the Akai MIDIMIX midi controller.
Features of this fully implemented V1.01b release "Carnelian" supporting both Windows and macOS include

- 9 Sliders control track recording levels and master level
- Up to 72 (and 144) knobs in 3 banks assignable to anything in Reaper
- Two operating modes: Mixer and Instrument
- All MIDIMIX buttons enabled as recarm, mute, solo, bank, track select, FX open with feedback from Reaper to the MIDIMIX buttons' LEDS
- Soft takeover for track volume sliders, pans and the assignable knobs
- Easily customisable without dependencies on binaries or compilation
- Prototype GUI add on available to show the learnt knobs' assignments: see Darkstar's Head Up Display

The OSCII-bot script files needed for the control surface and installation instructions/user guide is in the attached zip file.
Akai MIDIMIX controller details are at

Please leave some forum feedback if the MIDIMIX support is of use!

Release history:
1.01b 27 Nov 2017 "Carnelian". Extends knobs to 144 virtual assignable knobs. Bug fixes for instrument mode. Improved user guide
1.01a 27 Oct 2017 "Beryl". Adds soft takeover for all knobs (56 views)
1.00a 21 Apr 2017 "Amethyst". Adds soft takeover for track volume sliders and pan. User guide amendments. (165 views)
0.95c 26 Jun 2016 Fixes minor LED handling bug on brief button press (reported in post #22) (311 views)
0.95b 25 Mar 2016 Knob parameter: learn assignment flexibility improvement (356 views)
0.95a 15 Feb 2016 Original forum release
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