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I mentioned these before but they got swallowed up in the flow of the thread and I can't see them in the FR list on the first page so thought I'd give them a bump (and a little more info)

Actions to:

Set length of next to be inserted or selected notes to dotted
Set length of next to be inserted or selected notes to triplet
-It would be good if these could toggle with the straight version. So dotted/straight, triplet/straight. In general it would be good if all of the articulation actions could have a toggle version as well. So a single key could be used to add and remove a staccato mark for example.

Move cursor to previous note or rest
Move cursor to next note or rest
-These two I thought I had managed to solve using a custom action but it doesn't work well at all.

@pcartwright: I noticed that some of the FRs have now been implemented, did you intend to update the FR list to show this?
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