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Originally Posted by vocalnick View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the BCF2000 doesn't have touch-sensitive faders does it?

So presumably Reaper knows when you're moving the fader (the "quick touches") but once you hold the position the control surface is no longer sending any data, so Reaper assumes you've let go of the fader.

More discussion of this issue here:
I think there's still something broken currently with touch automation.
Because even if the control surface is not touch sensitive
but if I touch and hold it then it goes back to the original position eventhough I'm still holding it at a different position.
shouldn't happen I think. It should hold current value.

Recorded two licecaps again, automating volume with my BCR2000 (which is also not touch sensitive) in touch mode, 4.78 shows correct behaviour, 5.18 not imo.

Aha, did more testing and it seems to be a problem with Klinke's MCU plugin, at least here, which I had used for above tests.

When I use Reaper's native MCU mode ("Mackie Control (dev 21,26)") it works correctly, also in 5.18

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