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Default Empty Items have no "Media Item bottom half" context any more (5.20)

Empty Items no longer have a mouse modifier context "Media Item bottom half".

Is there a technical reason you removed that, or is this an actual bug ?

I have my mouse modifiers setup so I make a time and item selection for the media item context in the mouse modifiers. Thus, I can no longer move empty items any more without having to setup an alternative.

Contrary to the idea that the upper half of the media item would be special you chose to make the bottom half special way back in the day and now that decision bites me. I came from Protools where the bottom half is chosen to select and more entire items. So that's how I set this up.

I had to use one of the 'never use' modifier combos so I can move empty items around again. So for now CTRL+ALT+WIN drag moves an empty item. All other items are normal(I should hope).

Bug ?
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