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"Schwa:I can't reproduce the event disappearing from the list view, even after closing and reopening the MIDI editor. Are there any other steps involved? By any chance is the MIDI filter active?"

No Schwa, absolute not...

... I just test it once again with an absolute fresh portable 5.21rc1 x64 installed version of REAPER and with one absolute fresh new .x64 *ini to exclude any involved personal setups.....
Controller >119 disappearing after close and reopen(or simply one reopen by click - see licecap') and if you import one MIDI Files which already include such controller they never show within list..

I really do not want to write this
but is there any change that you maybe test one REAPER Version earlier 5.21pre5
or the official release, Schwa?
Within these Versions disappearing is of course not happen.. .. and also the "END" of item is always visible, but not within 5.21 pre5 to rc1...

licecap show you whats happen with an fresh x64 reaper. fresh x86 rc1 version, the same.


@lalo thatīs because you have enable project setting|Force project tempo... occur on whole samples
I hope you can understand me? Without german beer my written english is always very bad, with beer it becomes unbearable!.
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