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Thank you for the transient guides, this looks very useful

Only comment (acknowledging this is early days for GUI), it is very difficult to see what is going on, especially with mono items as the SMs land directly on top of the waveform and they are a similar grey colour.

I think this will need some colouring or outlining modification to clearly show these tools in contrast to the user's waveform, and possibly to obviously differentiate the transient guide rhombi from the actual SM ones.

Will there be API functions for these TGs please?

Presume this is a bug, if I click on one TG in the middle of an item (converting it to a SM) and then move the item, multiple SMs are created on top of each other at the start and end of the item.

Script is just a dev test-tool for viewing SM params -this shows result of moving an item with 30 TGs with one converted to an SM, but no stretching done.

-very quickly there were 48 SMs in total, some at pos 0, most at the end of the item (at 17.399 sec).

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