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Originally Posted by willpirkle View Post
Yes, 5.24pre1 shows the GUI properly for the SDK sample code as well as my "stock" projects -- thanks!!
So i had this issue too with 5.23 and

with 5.24pre11 it is a problem again.

For now i use the 5.24pre1 hoping that this problem will not

be present in 5.24 final as it is in 5.23.

In addition to the described problem 5.23 and 5.24pre11 have

also a problem with the whitespace containing in the project name.

If you compile the VST3 SDK sample project:

"note expression synth" will not be listed in the VSTI list,

so it cannot be used in reaper to insert with a new instrument track,

in Cubase 7 AI / 64 it is listed and works with the whitespace in the name.

Reaper v5.23 x86 and x64
VST3 SDK 3.6.6
Visual Studio Community 2013
Win7 home pro/64

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