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"Schwa: positions are rounded to the nearest MIDI tick"

project timeline do nearest Integer Tick rounding
but the Source Integer Ticks are always rounded to next tick and not nearest!!

Two different Up/Down rounding > float position to Integer Tick for the same contents.

Another Lice what would happen if......

both look absolute identical (normally they are !! ), but they are not..

The left list view:
the left edge item position at timeline is simply within a timeline position range where the two different rounds (float to integer ticks) occur >0 & <x.5 to nearest integer tick
The right list view:
The left item edge is within a "good" timeline position >=x.5 to nearest integer tick

I call this a bug! and it is a very, very old one..

and we all known ...for many many User such an rounds behavior can make lots of confusion,
if they do not know why & when this is happen... & dont forget how they rectify these rounding mistakes again...meaning without lots of UNDOS^^

I hope you can understand me? Without german beer my written english is always very bad, with beer it becomes unbearable!.
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