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^^ thanks Schwa..

"I don't think we should automatically remove events on import or export. The user may have a reason to want to preserve embedded MIDI cue events on a particular track even if the event falls at the same time as a project marker with the same name."

Yes ok your turn..

I never like it if a program change somewhat automatically, steini do that for example

the problem can only be that some other programs would import multiple marker.
the marker from the tempomap and the Meta markers from other tracks into their
marker timeline/project timeline or where ever they import
... buts that is the problem for the others..

Nice that this is going be fixed...
No deleting by hand anymore^^

BTW parsing MIDI, I forget something

Can you also please have a look at import Project Track Names from MIDI Meta Track Names..
together with the option:
"Automatically name unnamed tracks on media import"
and MIDI Files

It would be better, if REAPER named the xx Project Track
the same as the real MIDI Track Name and not
extent the Track Names also with the File Name.. For the Item itself it is ok/good,
but for the xx Project Track Name not really.

I always delete this extra extent track name/ or renamed xx tracks to MIDI Meta Track Name events by script or mostly disable complete the Automatically .. option... for import..
It would be better if this, sometimes many, extra steps would not be necessary anymore -at or after import.


"lexaproductions: It seems that a Marker that's on the very beginning (1:1:00) Does not get exported."

Yes a timeline marker at t=0 do not exported.
I hope you can understand me? Without german beer my written english is always very bad, with beer it becomes unbearable!.
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