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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
Yes, it would be easy to edit the theme so that the track number is always black.

But hang on, one thing at a time. Can we get to the bottom of the bug you've reported? Could you please do me a screenshot of the number remaining white when it shouldn't, resulting in impossible to see white?
Hey guy,

Does this not look terrible to you? No matter what I do I cannot "FORCE" Reaper to make this font BLACK and not WHITE like it is now. This is unusable.

This is impossible to see and is very unpolished and unprofessional. I cycle through ALL colors, and even attempt to create custom colors, but these numbers WILL NOT change to black/normal font colors. Period.

Workaround? Sure. But I have to copy all the data to a NEW default non-colored track, and delete this crappy white number one. Then change the color from that default newly created track to a color and THEN if I'm lucky its number will be default black/font. But as it stands now, ignore it or not, Reaper has a glitch where sometimes it simply won't update the track number to a USABLE color. I guess Reaper knows best

Just thought you'd like to know this is STILL an issue with the default theme in version 5 of Reaper.

I can keep doing this all day long bro Thanks!

Just found an "easier" workaround to fix the obvious bug that nobody wants to call a "bug" because people are sensitive but anyway, hope this helps someone.

Fix: If you find track numbers colored in an unusable and blinding font color mismatch, simply save your file and RE OPEN it, that seems to flush out the BUG and restore proper track number COLORS to usable matched choices.

Theme gurus:
Can this be fixed to prevent a reboot and/or creating a new track and copying data to it? I can quite easily trigger this mismatch so for now I'll be forced to re-open Reaper but figured I'd share this report in hopes it may get attention someday. That's all
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