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Hi all,

I've a prerelease for you: Playtime 1.12.0-pre1. It contains many improvements and fixes as well as some new features. Feel free to check it out. Feedback about crashes and other bugs is very much appreciated - especially those related to recording clips and auto-play because I fundamentally changed the recording logic. REAPER's record button is not used anymore. Instead, Playtime adds lightweight "Playtime Worker" plugins to tracks. They are responsible for recording the clips.




Compatibility change: Latest Playtime now needs REAPER >= 5.16, REAPER 4 is not supported anymore
#214 Added sample-accurate, zero-latency auto-play of recorded audio clips (there was a small but annoying delay in previous versions; the complete recording logic has been rewritten for this feature; instead of using REAPER's built-in recording feature, Playtime now adds lightweight 'Playtime Worker' plugins to tracks, they are responsible for recording)
#210 Added sample-accurate, zero-latency auto-play of recorded MIDI clips
#226 Added support for recording multiple slots concurrently (must be different tracks though)
#234 Added support for automatically looping take envelopes (this is only done whenever the corresponding envelope doesn't exceed the take length)
#196 Added support for recording track output
#212 Added option to automatically add fades to recorded clips in order to prevent clicks between loops (see setting 'Default loop fade time', default fade length for new projects is 10ms, uses the take volume envelope - so it's non-destructive and you can customize the fades afterwards to allow for more seamless looping, thanks to #234 take volume envelopes are automatically looped)
#221 Improved usability by automatically zooming back when leaving edit mode (to zoom level as it was before entering edit mode)
#218 Improved usability by automatically switching off the metronome when starting tempo detection (just makes sense)
#220 Improved behavior when stopping a clip recording prematurely by deleting the left-over clip
#217 Improved clip naming by not adding '-glued' suffix after glueing
#165 Improved group and scene naming behavior by only memorizing custom names if they differ from the default name
#229 Improved usability by automatically selecting target cell after doing drag'n'drop (in previous versions, the source cell stayed selected and that felt weird)
#231 Improved usability by deleting left-over item when recording over an existing clip
#208 Fixed too late auto-play after recording clip (resulting in wrong timing)
#211 Fixed crazy behavior when using envelopes for some trigger-like Playtime automation parameters (added a flooding protection)
#209 Fixed potential crash caused by race conditions
#209 Fixed crash that sometimes occurred after recording and aligning items vertically
#222 Fixed Playtime docking bug in recent REAPER versions that caused Playtime to not show up in docked mode when pressing the FX button
#223 Fixed Playtime show/hide action when repeatedly invoking the action using a keyboard shortcut (focus was lost and shortcut didn't work anymore)
#224 Fixed possible crash when deleting track after recording but before stopping
#225 Fixed bug that caused a recorded clip to be too long when untriggering the recording shortly after measure start within the sluggishness tolerance (as of this version, sluggishness tolerance is only used for playing clips, not for recording them)
#219 Fixed non-working retriggering of once played one-shot via automation
#230 Fixed missing controller light updates when swapping or copying slots
#239 Fixed bug in show/hide action and docking when the Playtime FX instance is renamed
#183 Fixed crash when trying to fill slot with empty item (filling it with an empty item is now prevented)

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