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Originally Posted by onewayout View Post
How do I find the loop points with time selection?
Find a good one bar section with defined kicks on the first beat, select the item, use tab to transient to land on the first kick transient, hit 'M' to drop a marker, place the cursor before the first kick of the next bar, tab to transient to land on the kick transient, hit 'M' again.

Then up in the timeline doubleclick between the 2 markers, that will time select that area. Now the bpm will show for that area if you hover over the transport rightmost window, you can simply alt click to delete the markers, or use the right click menu (or just undo if you noted the bpm).

That's an easy accurate method, or you can just drag select the area from bar1/beat1 to bar2/beat1 for close enough (without using markers). You can also use the shortcuts for start and end time selection. I just use markers in case I accidentally erase the selection , saves me doing it twice and I sometimes leave it there for a while for reference.

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