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I've just been rendering my final mix with "Add rendered items to new tracks in project" selected.

Select the new item.
Extensions > Loudness...
This activates the SWS/BR - Analyze Loudness dialog box.

You may need to click "Analyze selected items."

Integrated is the value that you want to be -14 LUFS. If you're above or below the target just try to adjust your Limiter by the same amount of dB that you're off and it should come really close. I think it only took me 2-3 renders total last contest to get the target I wanted (which was not a requirement then).

I imagine Dave will still have to double-check everyone's submission, but know that if you are lower than -14 LUFS he will have to run your MP3 file through additional limiting or ask you to re-submit. If you're above then the volume will get lowered and your submission will not have the same dynamic range as everyone else's submission.

Alternatively, you could render your mix at a value you know is lower than -14 LUFS (RMS around -18 dB on the MASTER RMS Meter). Then run the Actions:

SWS/BR: Global Loudness Preferences... > 0 LU reference level: = -14 LUFS
SWS/BR: Normalize Loudness of Selected Items to 0LU...

The first Action defines the value of 0 LU, and the second normalizes the selected items to that value.

If you use this alternative method after you rendered you mix with Mastering then:
If your waveform shrinks then your render was louder than -14 LUFS and you may want to reduce your 2-bus compression/limiting.
If your waveform enlarges then you need to apply some additional limiting.
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