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New update

Subset snapshots implemented - lots of code to add and adjust so I just hope it all goes well with your old projects... Let me know specifically of any crashes... Have tested lots here on old projects and seems ok...

Added ability to load action dump files to populate the action list chooser...

In order to utilise this you will need to follow the following steps:

1. in LBXCS_resources folder - create a new folder called actiondumps
2. In Reaper's action list - filter on 'dump' - highlight (but don't run any of the dump actions)
3. Clear the filter - this is important as the dump only dumps those visible in the action list window.
4. Run each of the 3 following dump actions:

SWS/S&M: Dump action list (SWS extension only)
SWS/S&M: Dump action list (custom actions only)
SWS/S&M: Dump action list (w/o SWS extension)

Save the files in the new actiondumps folder.

That's it. When next opening the action chooser - all the dumped actions should be included in the list - as well as what was previously available...

Assuming the command id's are the same cross platform (for native actions) - Linux users should be able to use the dump file created by 'Dump action list (w/o SWS extension)' action - but without the action to create it - they might need to ask someone for their copy of the file. This is of course assuming that the native actions (which i think are included in this list) have fixed command id's. Obviously custom actions will be unique to each user...

Thanks so much to nofish for the heads up on these dump actions. It was the solution I was looking for but couldn't find
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