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Default Solaris_LCS Ver. 2.0

Solaris_LCS Ver. 2.0
I have extensively re-built my Solaris_LCS theme.
Created additional layouts and modified or rebuilt many of the graphic elements.
the theme now has better flexibility than the previous version.

Blue and Gray versions are available:

* Note #1: you will need to unzip the file twice and then copy the Solaris_[blue or gray]_v2 folder and the accompanying .ReaperTheme file to your Reaper ColorThemes folder. The double zipping is due to file size limitations for Stash and the theme cannot be used in the .ReaperThemZip form due to what appears to be a folder depth issue.

* Note #2: the sendlist knob and volume meter have been removed from the current version.
The knob still works, it's just invisible.
If you want the volume meter, then download this file mcp_sendlist_meter.png and drop it in the main Solaris_LCS_Blue_v2 or Solaris_LCS_Gray_v2 folder.
This will restore the sendlist volume meter.

* Note #3: I have created an alternate 'Brighter' replacement pack for users who find the text for the labels and buttons too dark. The Mixer track Graphics are a bit brighter as well.
Unzip the file to a temp folder and follow the instructions

If you like the mod and want to donate, please donate to Albert.
you can donate here: Donate to Albert

The TCP Envelope panel comes from White Tie's Imperial.
I left this as is from the Solaris Pro theme since it looks good and fits the theme.
Items in the Transport also taken from White Tie's Imperial theme, but the Transport was customized to fit the theme better.
White Tie does not appear to take donations, so please go his most current thread and say: "Thank You".

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8

Default & Default Thin: the most flexible.
Fader colors: Black, Red or Blue.

Fullscreen & Fullscreen Thin: Similar to version 1's default layout. less flexible than the default.
This is really meant to be used fullscreen floating or docked to left or right.
Fader colors: Black, Red or Blue.

SideFX: Thin layout with FX section from top to bottom on the right side.
Fader colors: Black, Red or Blue.

Tracking & Tracking Thin: short control section. Large flexible section for more meter or FX.
knobs only, no fader.

Meter Full & Meter Full Thin: only a Meter, no FX or controls. Has Name label, Track ID, Volume label and I/O.

VCA or Group Master: Based on the Default Thin layout, but with a full size fader, No Meter, no FX and only basic controls.
To be used as VCA or Group Master.
Fader colors: Black and Purple

Separators: cannot be recolored. A wide version is available in the MCP.
Separators can be labeled, but the area is not visible. See screenshots for location.
Separators will show the Mute, Solo and Recarm buttons when they are in the following undesired states: Mute/Off, Solo/On, Recarm/Armed.
Mute and Solo can be clicked on even if not visible. Recarm can only be clicked when visible.

Spacers: Available for all layouts except Meter Full & Meter Full Thin.
Spacer layouts have a 'separator' section attached to the left in the MCP and the top in the TCP. This area cannot be recolored.
Spacer layouts allow separation of tracks without losing the use of the track or channel.
Fader colors: Black, Red or Yellow.

Default: default layout similar to Default MCP.
Fader colors: Black, Red. Blue or Yellow.

Dual Spacers: same as Default layout but with spacers on both sides.
Fader colors: Black, Red. Blue or Yellow.

FatBoy: wider. shorter control section. large meter.
spacers on both sides. Knobs only, no Faders.

SideFX: FX section from top to bottom on the right side. spacers on both sides.
Fader colors: Black, Red. Blue or Yellow.

Smaller compact or collapsed size for layouts.
New buttons. Text or icons on button, no text or icons on panel.
TCP has the following layouts:
- default
- Spacer - similar to separator when collapsed, but has label and track number.
- Separator -see details for MCP separator.
- VCA - see details for MCP VCA

both versions include the meter strips from the other.
look in the main folder for 'alt_meters' copy the desired meter strips to the main folder and let it overwrite the current stips.
If you want to select your own colors, find the meter strips in the main folder and rename them.
Then use the theme tweaker to change the meter colors.

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