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@devs :

Here you have a bug and a couple of suggestions for improving the visual aspect of the scores. Below you can see a typical piano wrinting texture :

First, the bug :

- Each melodic line is assigned to a different channel. If I take, for example, the upper staff and isolate channel 1 with the filter, set it to the upper voice and beam the notes properly to minimize the display of unnecessary rests, after doing the same with channel 2 (assigning it to the lower voice) what I did with channel 1 is messed up - voice assignments of some notes, beam positions and rests are reset in many cases, going back to the initial mess. I attach the rpp, in case you want to experiment with it...

Now, here come two suggestions :

- Rests, ties, slurs and, broadly speaking, all score objects should be freely movable and able to be hidden/shown/flipped. Sorry if this has been suggested many times before before, but itīs good to remind it here and there because it can make the difference between a mess and a clean score, visually speaking.

- Last but not least, we lack double and triple dots (!) and these are really quite useful and necessary to help cleaning the visual clutter in examples such as the one shown above. The "minimize ties" option would benefit greatly from this addition.
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