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A few bugs in Lyrics.lua for you guys:

1. Line 45 has a typo, "wndq" should be "wndw".

2. On first run, the window opens as a tiny jumble in the corner of the screen:

I think reaper.GetExtState returns a blank string rather than nil if the key isn't there, so the logic isn't rolling over to the default values. Changing all of the GetExtState lines to this form makes everything behave:
tonumber(reaper.GetExtState("lyrics","wndw")) or _gfxw,
3. Dragging the window smaller horizontally ends up drawing the Export / Import / Edit buttons over top of the Track and Beat boxes.

4. The script never quits because there's no check in runloop to see if the window was closed.

Cheers. Love the scrollbar.
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