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Thanks so much for the tie/slur addition in v5.32pre1, Schwa!! It´s much better now, from my first rough tests, to write music with more than one voice - if I see somthing to improve it, I´ll comment it -.

Since you´re dealing with the notation editor, let me show you a bug and comment about a thing or two...

First, the bug :

1) You can see there that when I create a 3:2 tuplet with 1/4 note length - and the voice option does not usually appear the first time the popup window is shown, you have to choose it manually - the bracket moves in a glitchy way from top to bottom staff and viceversa. This does not seem to happen when I set the voice manually beforehand.

2) When I change the voice of the tuplet, tuplet´s note values are altered visually in the notation editor (the MIDI editor shows the correct values, though). No matter what display quantization value I choose, it stays showing wrong values...

Then, another suggestion :

If you look at the picture above, you´ll see that when you create melodic lines with two voices (to start with), the rests of the bottom voice clash directly with the top voice notes. While this example is simple, I can assure you that this makes denser polyphonic passages very difficult to read in Reaper´s notation editor as it is now, so you can consider managing the rests in some other way to place them in a better position in these cases, in order no to collide with other notes...

As usual, thanks for all you´re doing ,really!
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