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Originally Posted by Commala View Post
I made a report in the BR forum that mentioned this, Soli is referring to making a tuplet, selecting those notes and changing the voice of all the notes.
This ^... Anyway, now that I change the bracket voice itself, it works fine! Let me show you, though, what happens when you change, as Commala says, the voice of the tuplet notes themselves :

As you can see, it can be quite confusing, since it changes the already existing values into something thatīs wrong. I see the point in avoiding wrong collection of notes in the tuplet, but this side effect should also be avoided, donīt you think?

Originally Posted by Commala View Post
I thought this existed already? I use it all the time
Sorry, my fault!! I got confused and didnīt see them. You can forget about that FR statement (I canīt find how to cross out that sentence, by the way, since I see some people does it on the forum)
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