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+ MIDI editor: show toolbar button feedback for actions to set next note length

I added some of these actions to my toolbar just now, and they became stuck in the on position after clicking them. Also while you're looking at button states, the action to color notes by voice doesn't show feedback like the other 'color notes by' actions do

+ Notation editor: edit tuplet brackets when running actions to change or select note voice [p=1776813]

Nice, thanks Appears to work well so far. Would it be possible to have the tuplet creation dialog set the voice of the selected notes upon tuplet creation?

And a request: can the tuplet dialog remember it's settings after closing/reopening? I usually don't need to modify note positions because I write the tuplet upon initial note entry, I only need to create the tuplet to correctly notate what is already there, in cases where auto-detect triplets missed it or it's a different kind of tuplet
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