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Hey all,

Well it's been a whole 7 days without an update.

So I thought I'd provide one - with the paths as shown over the holidays...

This has seen me learn a whole lot of new mathematical stuff and test my problem solving skills to the max - but I got there...

I only hope there aren't too many bugs I found a bunch in testing on a new project - but squished those - so hopefully not many more... I'm sure you'll let me know promptly!!

Ok - I have provided a video showing simple set up - especially for automating the paths as this uses a third party JSFX - which simply provides dummy faders that do 'nothing' - but I can use them to provide automation via Reapers automation envelope tracks. This is shown in the video.

A link to the Faderbox JSFX can be found in this post (thanks should be provided to Banned as I assume he created it):

If ever you have a problem with the link - let me know - I'll post the equivalent code as it's so simple - but thought I should link to the original source as I didn't come up with it.

The key is to create a new track (best when Stripper is not running - so it gets found when stripper loads) - and label the track:


Then insert an instance of Faderbox on it (as in vid). Now when you run stripper and create paths or a metalite surface - you can assign faders to control the position of the xy locator - and the position along the path.

Of course - you can also midi learn the faderbox faders so you can control using an external controller

And if you need more than 32 faders - then simply add a new instance of faderbox on the __LBX_CTL track. Be careful not to re-order the faderboxes in the fx list as this will probably mess things up a little at the moment. Try not to add more faders than you need though - as each one adds a tiny bit to the main run loop. The whole paths thing is a little more CPU intensive compared to some other functions - but perfectly usable for me on my laptop.

Any probs - bugs/errors or simply don't get it - let me know...
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