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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
In previous versions the text was hidden if the notes got too small; in 5.28 or so this changed so that the text is clipped rather than being completely hidden. It seems not so helpful, so we will change it back to hide the text completely when zoomed out. This will be fixed for the next build, thanks for the report.
Ok, I noticed the bug still exists when using the action "Channel: Show all channels" and goes away when action "Channel: Show only channel xx" is enabled. By "bug" I mean the note names change into unreadable mess.

How to reproduce this behavior:

- Have note names enabled for example for drums.
- Let's assume your drum notes are on MIDI channel 10.
- Run action "Channel: Show only channel 01" (or any other channel than 10)
- Run action "Channel: Show all channels"

Result = garbled note names.

- Run action "Channel: Show only channel 10"

Result = garble disappears.

It's impossible to show more than 1 channel if you don't want to see unreadable garble. The garble makes marquee selecting when zoomed out very hit and miss.
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