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Originally Posted by BobF View Post
I finally got around to checking the blue version of this one out. After a few hours with it this is my new favorite.Thanks for doing this one. I really like the subdued, but not too dark colors.
Thanks! I actually made it on a whim when I was first making this theme and it quickly became my default.
I love Imperial, but after working with it so much while I was modding it, I realized it was causing me too much eye fatigue.

Did you install the Bright Pack?
I have been using it lately and am at the point of just merging it with the actually theme.

Originally Posted by BobF View Post
Is there a way to remove the TCP meters without learning Walter? I always use a console over arrange window arrangement, so the TCP meters are redundant in my use.
Unfortunately, no.
They are pretty small, though, unless you expand left or down.

It's actually fairly simple to remove the meter.
Just back up the RTCONFIG.txt file in the image folder and then find and comment out any line that says:

note the ';' in front of SET. That tells reaper to ignore this line.
It should remove the meter from the TCP layout you modify.
see my notes to ReaperMadness about modifying the RTCONFIG in the Imperial_LCS thread for more details about finding layouts.

I may eventually do another TCP layout to mimic one in Reaborn, Rado or Reaction (dark) that I use ocassionally.
I'll try to remember to make version without the meter if you still need it, but it will be a while before that happens.

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