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Data, I'm not sure what the problem you're having is, but I'm sure it's probably a result of us not updating the template package enough.

Some strings that used to work will no longer work because we changed the english text, causing you to have to add another entry for that edit.

As a refresher on the merge_langpacks tool:

I've just uploaded a 5.50rc21 template.

Then, I took (as an example) the Deutsch.ReaperLangPack linked from, download it, and ran:
merge_langpacks template_reaper550rc21.ReaperLangPack Deutsch.ReaperLangPack > Deutsch-new.ReaperLangPack
Once I did that, I loaded Deutsch-new.ReaperLangPack, which is functionally the same as Deutsch.ReaperLangPack, but organized with comments as to what are now obsolete vs newly added.

When doing this, it's safe (and preferable!) to leave the possibly-obsolete entries in, as older REAPER versions will still use them!

To update, you can either:
  • Look for the '######## added in template' lines in Deutsch-new.ReaperLangPack and uncomment+translate them
  • If you notice an english string in REAPER, search for that string in Deutsch-new.ReaperLangPack, and uncomment+translate.

Sorry if this is too verbose, just giving an example for reference:

If I search for "# added", an obvious and early instance of something new that needs to be translated is:
;FAFEDF2AD7647CED=Beat pattern:
This is in the metronome window, among other places... replace it with:
(note removal of ; and apologies for my google translate use)

Save, restart REAPER, and boom.

The other route, if I go to prefs, Pfade, I see "Default path to save new projects:" is untranslated... so I look in Deutsch-new.ReaperLangPack and there it is, edit, uncomment, done.

Hope this helps!
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