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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
v2.9.5 pre-release build (August 30, 2017)

Issue 587: "SWS/AW: Toggle auto group newly recorded items" now also works in takes recording mode
- Added related action "SWS/AW/NF: Toggle assign random colors if auto group newly recorded items is enabled"

This comes from me, so let me know if issues occur while testing this.
Thank you so much nofish for making it work with takes mode!

There is a small misbehaviour with the action "Toggle assign random colors...": if one records a new take over an existing take, then it changes the color of the previous take too. See:

My take 1 for both simultaneously recorded items was randomly painted cyan color (0:00). Nice! I can now clearly see they were recorded together. I then record a new take (0:04). My take 2 gets automatically painted orange-brownish (0:08). Good! But... my take 1 in the same region got automatically painted green and now I cannot clearly see that Take 1 and the region of Take 1 above Take 2 are actually the same take! (0:20)
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