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Originally Posted by XamiKami
How would i go about making all of the Mute and Recarm Buttons just generic Midi Buttons in Instrument mode ( like the knobs are in instrument mode )?
Change the code lines for the instrument mode buttons like this
( oscsend(OSC_to_REAPER, device_track_select, 1); oscsend(OSC_to_REAPER, device_fxparam_bank_select ););
to use an oscsend() call with your own unique string instead (very similar to the knobs) and then, using Reaper, "learn" that string to the required Reaper action.

Referring to the OSCII-bot syntax for oscsend()
(hyperlink) might help too.

Originally Posted by XamiKami
What should my oscsend for the custom action look like now? i defined the action_id/str in the header, but now what do i have to change in the oscsend?
Please read both of the two forum threads identified with underlining in the previous reply from top to bottom: they do contain the answer.

Originally Posted by XamiKami
....the script tells reaper to change the color of the selected Tracks, should that work?
Yes it works, and other users have previously confirmed it as working. Use the MIDIMIX "Bank Left" and "Bank Right" buttons. In all the released versions, when in mixer mode it changes colours of banks of 8 tracks at a time when banking, using standard Reaper actions. In instrument mode the banking does not work on tracks like this so there will be no colour change (by design). The user guide explains this.

Looking at the PeaveyStudio Mix control surface code here (the code is in the zip file) as well may help if trying to modify the MIDIMIX code. Forum user "Banned" used the same mechanism as used here, along with describing other alternative track colour schemes and their relative merits, some using SWS Extensions. The Peavey StudioMix code also includes use of custom IDs with oscsend() that one could just copy too.

As suggested earlier look at the OSCII-bot GUI window as a debugging tool. Posting output from this GUI window or other transcribed errors, described clearly along with the problem's context makes "remote" assistance easier when asking for forum help.

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