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Thanks Justin,

I have to say, that it's very kind of you to take the time to explain to me how translation works. But this wouldn't have been necessary, 'cos what you did describe is what I'm doing all the time.
I think we've misunderstood each other and I have to admit, I probably had 243 beer too much or so the other day in addition to the fact that English isn't my native language.

So I'll try to make things clearer, depicting some of the issues.

For instance, in the notation editor, there is no way to translate the menu items in submenu 'Default clef' that appears when clicking on the clef. When entering "Treble+bass" into the online string-calculator it results "1493D83730821EE9=Treble+bass". Since there are other submenus in this menu, it seems logical to me, to put the result of the online tool into the [midi] section of the langpack, where other submenu items of that menu reside, but to no avail. (BTW, same goes for submenu of 'Change clef' of course - it won't work either.)

Another issue is, that there is no way to change notations of notes.

As you can see, there are three notations that need to be changed for German: B -> H, Bb -> Hb and A# -> B. The hashcodes for untranslated entries are correct, But the submenu of the submenu 'Root' of menu item 'Change key signature' still show 'B', 'Bb' and 'A#' as second to fourth menu item, instead of 'H', 'Hb' and 'B'.

This also affects three menu items of the submenu 'Accidental' in [midi_MENU_140], where the entries of the [tag_note] block seem to be used in "69F0934C971CF9E0=Notate as %c%s".

The arrow-marked menu item should show 'H#' instead of 'B#'.
Also, it would be better for a translation into German to be able to exchange '%c' and '%s' in string 'Notate as %c%s', which should result in the string "Als natürliches C notieren (standard)" in the menu, but we get this:

Furthermore, I haven't a clue how to get the following submenu translated:

When, for example, you enter
+12 C     Piccolo, Xylophone
into the online calculator, it gives back
1445AE563B25A58D=+12 C Piccolo, Xylophone
(Note, that 4 of the 5 space chars between 'C' and 'Piccolo' are gone in the result!)
Using this result again in the calculator won't help (as I expected anyway).
I suspect, the whole submenu has to go into the [midi] block as well, so I tried to put it there; maybe that's wrong.

I did all this with langpack template 550rc21 and REAPER 5.50rc22, btw.

I hope, that makes some problems that I have with translating a bit clearer, but these aren't the only ones.

Anyway, thank you once again, Justin, for your time dealing with this!
It would be great to have a complete translation at some point.

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