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Thanks, Justin for making translation of the clef menus and the note name submenus in the notation editor possible. I finally managed it by putting these entries into the [common] section.

However, I'm sure you are delighted to read () that I have found "a few" more issues I have with translating the whole stuff.

Concerning the notation editor, there are some submenus in the menu, when clicking on a note: have a look:

Translating of note names in all other occurrences doesn't seem to work still, as you can see here:

As you can see in the above two screenshots, translating the word "natural" works now, but on the other hand there's a new even worse problem in this menu. It probably has something to do with this entry:

69F0934C971CF9E0=Notate as %c%s

The following 5 screenshots make the problem with translating note names obvious, I hope:

This note name issue applies also to the MIDI filter, The Virtual MIDI Keyboard and probably other occurrences, where these strings are used. The only exception I found is, when 'Key snap' in the MIDI editor is enabled; here note name translations work well.

A problem could also arise with the Scale Finder, when a German enters 'H', (s)he'd go nowhere, whereas when entering 'B', (s)he'd get German 'H', when in fact needing English 'A#' i.e. 'Bb' (a German 'B').
Maybe the whole table makes it a bit clearer.
The note names on the right side of '=' with the exception of 'A#' and 'Hb' are most commonly used, I reckon, but it depends on how the music is written. The names in brackets are the German 'spoken versions'.

C  = C
C# = C# (Cis)
Db = Db (Des)
D  = D
D# = D# (Dis)
Eb = Eb (Es)
E  = E
F  = F
F# = F# (Fis)
Gb = Gb (Ges)
G  = G
G# = G# (Gis)
Ab = Ab (As)
A  = A
A# = B/A# (Ais, but often also B)
Bb = B/Hb (Hes, but mostly B)
B  = H
Cb = Cb (Ces)
As a sidenote, the above screenshot also shows that the keywords in the REAPER notation column can't be translated as well.

Next pic shows the dropdown menus in the 'Create tuplet' dialog ([midi_DLG_137]) that can't be translated.
(At least I didn't find a way to do it.)

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